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Press Releases


Royalties Inc. Reports Q3 Results for September 30, 2023

Royalties Inc. Announces 5th Acquisition: The Carbonaro Effect's TV Cues

Royalties Inc. Announces Financing and Stock Option Exercise

Royalties Inc. Announces Acquisition of Pop Song Royalties

Royalties Inc. Announces Acquisition of Songwriter Royalties

Royalties Inc. Announces Completion of $550,000 Financing and Acquisition of Apple Alert Tones Sound Recording Royalties

Royalties Inc. Announces the Start of Trading on the CSE and a Financing of $520,000

Xtierra to delist from TSX-V on April 11, list on CSE

Release Date:  November 29, 2023

Release Date:  June 27, 2023

Release Date:  June 20, 2023

Release Date:  May 17, 2023

Release Date:  May 11, 2023

Release Date:  April 20, 2023

Release Date:  April 12, 2023

Release Date:  April 5, 2023

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